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2016 Jan 28

“Jessica Jones” 1×01 AKA Ladies Night Screen Captures

I’ve added screen captures from the first episode of “Jessica Jones” to the gallery. The rest of the episodes will be added as soon as possible. Sorry for taking so long to get them added. I watched/captured the show when it was released but I haven’t had much free time. Anyway, I hope everyone has had a chance to watch the show—it is fantastic and Krysten was amazing in it! I can’t wait for season two! Check back in a couple days for recent public appearance additions to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
540 x Jessica Jones > Season 1 > Screen Captures > 1×01 AKA Ladies Night

2015 Oct 23

“Jessica Jones” Official Trailer

The trailer for Krysten’s new Netflix show “Jessica Jones” has finally been released! I can’t wait for the show to premiere. I think it looks great! Check it out below:

2015 Oct 10

“Jessica Jones” All in a Day’s Work Teaser

2015 Oct 06

“Jessica Jones” Teasers: Evening Stroll, Night Cap

2015 Sep 26

“Jessica Jones” Teasers: It’s Time, Good Morning